AL Majara Foods



Al Majara Foods pvt ltd (Majara means Galaxy in Arabic) is a new company established in Oct 2021 and located in Rawat Industrial Estate, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The company brand is KRRICCHH (the sound made while eating snacks /chips). The company is involved in food manufacturing and technically falls in FMCG category.



The company has all relevant certifications from Punjab Food Authority including “Halal Food” and is also ISO 9001 / 22000 certified. It stands registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and is also a registered member of Chamber of Commerce & Industries of Rawalpindi (RCCI) and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ICCI). Al Majara is also a member of Pak-UK Business Council and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FPCCI).

Who We Are?

Welcome to AL-Majara Foods, where passion for snacks meets a commitment to quality. As pioneers in the snack manufacturing realm, we infuse every bite with innovation and care. Our story is one of crafting moments, blending the finest ingredients to redefine your snacking experience. At AL-Majara Foods, we believe in the power of a great snack to elevate everyday moments, making each crunch a celebration of flavor.

Why Choose us?

At AL-Majara Foods, choosing us isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to unparalleled snacking excellence. We stand out in the snack manufacturing landscape for a multitude of reasons. Our dedication to sourcing only the finest ingredients ensures that every snack bears the mark of uncompromising quality. What sets us apart is not just what goes into our products, but the care and innovation that define each creation. From bold flavors that ignite your taste buds to a commitment to sustainability that reflects in our practices, we go beyond the ordinary to make your snacking experience extraordinary. With AL-Majara Foods, you’re not just choosing snacks; you’re choosing a flavorful journey crafted with passion, precision, and a sprinkle of joy in every bite.


Advisor & Consultant

Dr Shahzad Amin


Dr Muhammad Abid


Col Amjad ®


Arsalan Ghaffar

Manager Production

Syed Bilal Ali


Raja Junaid